About Down Your Way magazine

Down Your Way is an eclectic mix of personal nostalgic memories from the 1930s/40s/50s/60s written by Yorkshire folk for Yorkshire folk. Many have never written a contribution before, but with guidance from editor Lindsey Moore, a previously untapped source of Yorkshire social history has emerged. This is social history at its best, first-hand experiences written in the authors’ own language and style and often accompanied by nostalgic images from the era.

Each magazine has a personality of its own and over the years has reunited many friends and relatives and helped those looking to trace their Yorkshire ancestors. From its eye-catching front cover to the vintage image on the back page, this magazine is pure nostalgia from start to finish; articles, images, letters, poems, competitions and even a crossword – each one guaranteed to take you on a trip down memory lane.

This month

Down Your Way November 2016Find all this in the November 2016 Remembrance Day special issue of Down Your Way:

Life as a prisoner of war
To mark Remembrance Day, we tell the story of Second World War veteran Jim Surr, who spent three-and-a-half years in captivity.

Cloak and dagger work
Colin Richardson recalls his National Service at the Northern Section Operations Centre at Patrington, near Spurn Point.

Changing world
Pat Roberts remembers how the Second World War turned her childhood upside down.

On top of the world
Maggie Poppa meets mountaineer Alan Hinkes and traces the origins of his adventurous streak.

Bombs away
Roy Hampson talks to a Penistone man whose dangerous hobby of collecting discarded bombs and military ordnance had far-reaching consequences.

Sparks fly ahead of bonfire night
Betty Tordoff relives the excitement of the Fifth of November when village children competed against each other to build the biggest and best bonfire.

Traditions kept alive
Skipton Music looks back on nearly seventy years of bringing top performers to the town.

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